Our manufacturing facility at Hospet, Karnataka (known as Hospet Steels) was established in 1998.    It is an integrated steel mill, spread across 375 acres of greenery,  equipped with state-of-the-art technology in steel-making, finishing and testing facilities.   We produce steel through ore route, ensuring low tramp elements, low gas content and thus, high control on chemical and mechanical properties as per customers’ requirements. Further, our unit ensures maximum energy efficiency and cost efficiency through in-house power generation and complete waste re-utilization.

Sinter Plant

Gas Fired Rotary Type Sinter Plan
Recycling of iron ore and coke fines
sludge and Mill Scale

Mini Blast Furnace

Technology      TKES / KTS
Number of MBF          3 Nos
Working volume        250 m3 x 2350 m3 x 1
Pulverized             Coal Injection
Avg                    1600T / day output

Energy Optimizing  Furnace

Technology         KTS / TKES
Capacity             50 MT
Continuous         De-slagging
Low Phosphorus Tramp Element

Ladle Furnace

Technology         ABB
No of LRF          2 Nos
Capacity           50T each
Auto Ferro Alloys addition system
Continuous Argon Purging System
Close Jominy / DI value

Vacuum Degasser

Technology          ALD Germany
Capacity            50 MT
Vacuum Level        0.65 millibar
Holding Time        15 minutes
H2 / O2 < 2ppm / < 15ppm
Trimming Addition under Vacuum

Continuous Caster

TECHNOLOGY                  Techint / Promini
No of Strands           3 Nos
Radius                  10 / 18 m
Sections (mm)           240X280, 160, 200,220 dia

No of Strands           3 Nos
Radius                 9 / 16 m
Sections (mm)           160X160, 200x200 sq
Auto Mold Level Control
Combi-Electromagnetic Stirrer
Submerged Entry Nozzle
Automated Secondary Cooling System
Argon Flooding of Tundish
Well defined Chill Zone
Low Center Segregation

Rolling Mill (blooming)

Technology                  DanieliMax
Input Section               240 x 280 mm sq
Mill Type                     2 High Reversible
Output range              85mm and above

Rolling Mill (H-V)

Technology         Korus Engg
45T Gas (BFG) fired Pusher Type Regenerative Furnace
High Pressure Water De-scaler
Max Input Section             110 x 110 mm sq
Mill Type                     6 Strand
Walking Beam type Cooling BedControl Cooling Facility
Output Range  – 48mm and above

Rolling Mill (small sections)

45T Oil Fired Pusher Type Reheating Furnace
High Pressure Water De-scaler
Mill Type     3 High Mill / 4 Stand Cross Country
Max Input Section            200 x 200 Sq
In-house rolling capacity for smaller sections       (24 – 83 dia)

Automotive Steel

Captive Power Plant

Make                        Thermax
Fuel fired                 Blast furnace gas/ furnace oil
Make                        KESSELS TURBINE
Model No                 MS102C
Capacity                  8 MW

Coke Oven Plant with Captive Power Plant (Project under Implementation)

Technology- Heat recovery, Stamp charged and Modified Wet Quenching
Number of Ovens- 2x36
Number of Boilers- 2
Coke Production Capacity- 0.2 MTPA
Power Generation Capacity- 17 MW
Environmental Clearance

All the above integrated operations makes KSL a self reliant special steel manufacture